ELB Group History

The ELB Group Limited (ELB), formerly Edward L Bateman Ltd, a top supplier of engineered products to the infrastructure, mining, processing and construction industries, was established over a century ago.

The ELB Group traces its origins back to the early days of the 20th century and the enthusiasm and foresight of its founder, Edward L. Bateman. The young mechanical engineer emigrated to South Africa from the USA to assist local representative, Herbert Ainsworth, in selling the Allis-Chalmers range of equipment to mines.

In 1919 Bateman bought the business after Ainsworth’s death in 1919 and operated it as a very effective and dynamic one-man operation. In 1925 his eldest son, Glen L Bateman, joined the company.

While the original business of the company to market equipment imported from leading overseas manufacturers continues today, the services provided by the ELB Group have evolved significantly in scope and nature and the group saw unparalleled growth. As a result, the ELB Group Limited was listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange since 1951.

This expansion also resulted in circumstances changing within the Group as well as the Bateman family, culminating in a portion of the company, Bateman Project Holdings Limited, being sold to an international consortium in February, 2002.

As part of the restructure, the Edward L Bateman Group of Companies reverted to its former well-established trade name of ELB. The change has, however, not affected the day-to-day business of the company as the management style and culture remains unchanged.

A truly South African dynamic, evolving and growing company, ELB is committed to proactively meeting its clients’ needs, through business principles and values rooted in a proud heritage that spans over more than 95 years.